The Earthen Scar

There will be music this month. Working mostly on a piece for a recital at the end of the semester, which should hopefully be recorded.



New Album - Donkey Kong Country 2 Symphonic Suite!

Hello all! I thought you might like to know that I’ve released an album today. It is an orchestral tribute to Donkey Kong Country 2’s classic David Wise score. It is available on Loudr for only $5, so check it out!

I’ve uploaded a full track onto SoundCloud so you can get a better idea of what you’re in for. Please enjoy!

Check out my monkey business, evening crowd~


Turns out I never enabled downloads on my CQ tracks on Soundcloud even though I uploaded a bunch a while back for that purpose.


Downloads now enabled at for all CQ tracks.


So uh, I kinda need money since I don’t have a job.  Would anyone be interested in 5 dollar one minute 30 second song commisions?

Charlie is a good guy, and this is a hot deal

It’s when I have to write academic compositions that my brain freezes up and can’t get down a full score.


I’ve gotten some really horrible asks and fan mails this morning alerting me to the fact that someone has made a post asking people to downrate and report my submissions to the WeLoveFine Homestuck contest.

I’m sure many people are not aware, but my name on WeLoveFine is Bidelle Ward!  The person who submitted these are me, they’re not stolen at all!  I know I made them nearly 2 years ago now, so they’re familiar around Tumblr, but I assure you, it’s me who submitted them!

I know people who watch my (now defunct) art-only blog (which is now this blog) don’t know about my submissions to the contest, so I figure that’s how this horrible rumor got started.

I’m not sure what kind of damage has been done to their rating, but please, PLEASE, if you downrated them, thinking they were stolen, please try to contact WLF and have your rating changed!  This contest and these designs mean a whole lot to me and if I get disqualified or downrated for a reason like this, it would be devastating.

And if you haven’t rated, if you can, please do so, they’re right here:

Dave:  Click here.

Rose:  Click here.

(PS: Does anyone know if/when reported pieces will be taken down?)

Nothing like a night making serial music

So… that’s how it is.

A theme for when the “game” seems less than fair and for when things seem wrong.

would you ever maaaybe do music for a fanventure if you were a part of the team of creators?

Hmmm tough to say, especially depending on how long the project is. Most of the music I put out these days is practice/ideas that just sort of appear when I have the time outside college work (or sometimes when I’m under lots of stress). I don’t feel like I can make the commitment… 

if a pokemon were to be named after you, which one would you want it to be?

I was going to say ghost/fire but then I remembered oh wait that’s Chandelure… I want it to be Chandelure.


People are still finding the WIP and rebloggin’ it. Should of held off on posting it and just waited until I had the full version.

albatrossthesoup said: It’s probably Soundcloud’s fault, I’ve heard they compress the hell out of their streaming audio.

Seems to be the case. At first I thought it was bad compression for going through Tumblr with the Soundcloud link, but it sounds pretty much the same on the latter even as a high quality file. Butts. Bad ones.