The Earthen Scar


Man, I love how Thomas has his sound, and every other Homestuck composer has a sound that if you know them well enough you can tell it’s them just by listening. I hope that doesn’t come across negative, because I think it’s a really cool thing. It’s been awesome working with a group of people where all of us have our own unique vibe, and somehow managing to make cohesive albums together.

Speaking from experience it can be frustrating trying to break away from your sound but I don’t think anyone can escape it fully. I like that though, I like that each composer has a unique voice that will come through their music no matter what. Language of the soul, you know?

The development of artistic style has always fascinated me, and seeing everyone on the team progress with our music over the years was really interesting. Cherubim both showcased all our sounds and unified them under thematic/stylistic goals. Really interested in seeing what will happen with Vol. 10 if/when it actually becomes a thing.

 - The Lyrist (Piano Version)
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The Lyrist (Piano Version)

Made a pretty quick realization of what the arrangement sounds like. I may have changed the 7/4 section somewhat in the arrangement compared to the original.

"What’s gonna be on Vol. 10 at this point I’m still trying to figure out though." Wait, was Vol. 10 confirmed or is it being worked on in any way? I thought it wasn't happening.

It isn’t being worked on, but I set aside about 10 tracks that could’ve possibly been for the album quite a while ago. At some point I’ll have to narrow it down to a couple and possibly update them since they’re getting pretty old.

(continued again) I have a song here listed as "Janus" and I was wondering whether it was Homestuck related, and either way whether you could tell me what it was about? What about Blight and Eternal Laughter from your Tindeck, are they Homestuck? And last request, Web of Dreams - I remember finding it on your Soundcloud and wondering whether it was an Aranea song or I'm just so obsessed with Homestuck that I see it in any title you could give it?

Can’t even remember Janus, looking through my music for it. Blight was an early experiment with sampling using a clip from Batman Beyond, and Eternal Laughter was for Li’l Cal. Web of Dreams is indeed for Aranea.

Anyways, I wanted to know a few things regarding what certain songs were about. In your unreleased "Seer" album, what was Pilgrimage of the Seer's Host about? (I'm presuming from the word Host that it had to do with Scratch, but I might be wrong.) What about Infinity Mechanism, was the name referring to the Beat Mesa like the album art shows, or something else? (I hear that despite the album art for Havoc to be Wrought being of Darkleer, it was intended as a Bec Noir song, so I thought I'd ask)

In response to the first ask, thank you! What’s gonna be on Vol. 10 at this point I’m still trying to figure out though.

Pilgrimage of the Seer’s Host was Rose traveling from planet to planet, unintentionally gaining a number of consort followers leading up to grim-darkness. When Dealing With the Omniscient was her conversations with Doc Scratch. 

Infinity Mechanism was sort of about Sburb’s role, how it is the mechanism through which universes can infinitely be created as well as reset. I had asked Vicky to make the art with that in mind.

And Havoc to be Wrought was meant to be about the slaughter of the Outer Gods by something unknown at the time, most likely Lord English?

thanks for answering! an arrangement for piano would be awesome :) I really dig your music btw, It makes me feel like I'm on an adventure. I can honestly say that I have listened to all of your albums ten times over.

Hope what I posted works. One’s in Ab, and the other is transposed to A minor. And thanks!

The Lyrist Piano Arrangements

Here’s what I’ve got:

Shouldn’t be insane, except the last bit. Feel free to omit octaves and use the sustain pedal somewhat liberally to get close to that of the electronic recording.

I don't suppose you have the sheet music for the song "The Lyrist", do you? The homestuck bandcamp website said you made the song. I'm trying to play it on piano, but I have terrible ears when it comes to music.

I’ll see if I can put together a piano arrangement, just have the Logic file at the moment, which is very segmented.

I’m back down to 666. The beast will not leave.


Starting in a few minutes, might wait a bit

Going to go through the album one more time, probably last stream I’ll do of it before I finalize things and release


Starting in a few minutes, might wait a bit

Stream’s up, stop on by for a listen