The Earthen Scar
hello, i hope this is not rude of me to ask. what program do you use to make your compositions? i am working on a fangame project and, as i enjoy your work a lot, i thought maybe i could try to use those same sounds i enjoy so much. thank you. :)

Logic Pro and Finale 2011 are my primary programs. Still on the fence in terms of what outside plug-ins to invest in, so any sounds you hear in my works I fiddled with from those, or I performed it.

I am a huge fan of Homestuck and, of course, I love your work there, but I think THE EARTHEN SCAR and THE LIMINAL DESCENT are absolutely brilliant as well. I eagerly await the next installment. You are a fantastic artist, keep it up!

Thank you, I’ll do my best! Also the caps lock titles reminded me I wanted to change them from being caps locked in my signature on a forum.

Big fan of your work with the Homestuck team. One track in particular that I have long admired is "Infinity Mechanism". It seems so eclectic, so diverse in its styling and instrumentation, that I haven't been able to find another piece of music that quite captures the precise _feel_ it brings me, the sudden realization that one has become embroiled in a massive system of uncountable moving parts, etc. If it's not too much to ask, what were the influences that you drew upon while composing it?

Thank you very much! I’ve got weird feelings about the piece now. There are a lot of things good about it, but I’m afraid of it being the thing I’m known for. Anyway, it’s really hard to remember. The guitars sound shoe gaze-y, so the middle part may have been influenced by Alcest or Les Discrets. I know I’d been listening to them around the time. Down With the Sun by Insomnium perhaps? I know it went through many phases, and I know it had some inspirations, but I can’t get to them. I think I went into it with the idea of using orchestral samples, so you get the first part, but then it spiraled into something else. I think the cello part just sort of came to me. I finished it around the same time as Chaotic Strength… Run Home came close after, but that was mostly inspired by Daft Punk’s Tron work and “I Want You” from PSG. So, anon, I’m afraid it’s a mystery for now. I’ve been wracking my brain since I got this trying to figure it out…

toby - nightmare knight
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Every 5000 years, the terrible Nightmare Knight returns to terrorize the world of Dreamside. And every time, a Legendary Hero will appear to fight the Nightmare Knight. Every time until now, that fight probably sounded like this.




A piano arrangement of one of my favorite themes from Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance.


I didn’t even figure it out on purpose. Song was stuck in my head and my brain just sort of unconsciously went “Why not?” It’s a G minor scale VI to VII to G major in this case.


I didn’t plan on it, but Rosemaster’s theme actually is using one of the iconic chord progressions from Kiss from a Rose.

God damn it.

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I was gonna make music for her but how do I combat this. It’s like with Saturday. All I hear when I think of her is Masque deMasque’s theme with banjos.

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I managed to recreate an old piano track by ear that I lost in a hard drive crash, wanted to see if I could update it. Still need drums, at the least.

In other news, I’m putting some finishing touches on the album, and the art is in progress

Thomas Ferkol - Deserted Dream
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Deserted Dream

WELCOME TO THE PAST. Like 2007 or 2008 or something… also including the album art of an old defunct thing I had on my Bandcamp in 2010. The piano was a playback from Finale Notepad 2007, the guitars were recorded on a physical Tascam mixer, and the drums? The drums are recorded from me playing in Rock Band 2 freestyle mode… Yeah. Behold.