The Earthen Scar

Making a post from my own blog centering on this for people online now (although a lot of my followers have probably seen this today and Tynic’s art with links and Starguarded’s reblog of my reblog on his video are out there)

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The first album of a series, THE EARTHEN SCAR follows a young mage, Annette, and her bird-like guardian, Corvus, as they traverse a nation at war with itself. Spawned from the inner state (Alacastor) capital known as The Spire, state mages have developed a “plague” of undeath through magic, spreading it radially from the center of the continent in an effort to bring renewal and eternal life. The Outer States do what they can to keep the “Miasma,” or so the plague has been dubbed, from encroaching further, conjoining their military into one large force to isolate it within the state of Alacastor. Weeks prior to word of the plague reaching the Outer States, Annette awakens one day to find her parents, state-independent mages, gone without a word, leaving her with just a business ledger and their mute assistant, Corvus, an artificial human. Using the small black book, the pair seek to discover her parents’ whereabouts, why they left, and who created the plague which seems to scar even the earth itself.

My music was also featured earlier today in a video by, This update is Matul Remrit 1054: Felsite, found either through the site or on youtube with those keywords.