The Earthen Scar
Oh geez, people

Hello, I’m Thomas Ferkol; I am a musician on the Homestuck Music Team, one of the latecomers.  My only major contribution to the comic proper is Infinity Mechanism (and I guess Havoc to be Wrought on the record player page), but I’ve been featured on albums pretty regularly since The Felt.  I post a lot of music here, mainly WIPs and previews of Homestuck and independent works.  I have an independent album out called The Earthen Scar that is a compilation of primarily older works set to a story that is being continued with future albums, such as The Liminal Descent, which will be released soon.  I’ve also done music for the Let’s Play journal-type Dwarf Fortress comic Bravemule and other commission work.  Eventually I might even start posting some short fiction or excerpts from long-form stories I’m developing since I’ve been working on my writing over the past couple years, but they won’t be too prominent amongst the music.  Thank you, konec0 and everybody, for that post, the reblogs, and the follows, and I hope you enjoy my work!

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